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A rich issue of the magazine: we tell the unhappy ending of a love story

Duty tariffs, trades with USA, internal difficulties in EU, first of all Brexit, short time to European Elections: here you are some of the main topics for international industrial situation. Forecast are telling us of a unstable market, with big uncertainty in machine tools production and some threats on global economy that need to be faced and solved as soon as possible, but they are still waiting to be scheduled as the solution is not so easy to find out or as there other topics under the spotlight, such as, for instance, European Election or Brexit.
As you can read in CECIMO’s report on third quarter of 2018 “The EU economy is entering its sixth year of uninterrupted growth. But the rebound of global growth, driven by stronger-than-ever trade in 2017, is wearing off amid greater trade tensions and an economic outlook clouded by domestic and interrelated external risks. Both the European Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB) have signalled that the European economy has moved down a gear. Robust domestic fundamentals should support some economic activity. The ECB finally announced the end of its quantitative easing policy. But investment will still benefit from favourable financing conditions, despite the upcoming normalisation of the monetary policy.In the third quarter, demand for machine tools is usually lower. But, this year, the drop appears to be sharper, due to the real economy context. GDP growth weakened, partially reflecting production bottlenecks in the car manufacturing sector. Inflation picked up in the third quarter but is moderating towards the end of the year. In the near term, growth is projected to recover”.
In this issue of the magazine we face some of the main topics of the moment, from the duties, especially on Chinese steel, with contribution of the President ad one Member of European Parliament, and the difficulties in trading with United States, first of all in automotive sector.
In this issue, moreover, we also try to tell the story of a triangle: a triangle of passion and, maybe, betrayal, with a rosy end for a couple of lovers and a bitter fate for a dreamer husband: that is the story of Tauring that fell in love with Pedrazzoli but had to surrender to CML International that succeeded in difficult endeavor to tear off the great company based in Bassano to the arms of Tauring Group that now is serving the consequences of the loss.
In this issue, furthermore, you can read the presentation of Made in Steel, the growing exhibition that will be held in Milan in May for the second edition in a row, after growing in Bergamo for several years.
You will find also an interesting article dedicated to Marcegaglia and many news from the companies, in a complete landscape of the last innovation in the market and technology.
I also want to underline the role of our new website, where you can find the articles of this issue translated in Italian, updates and photograph from the world of Tubes.