Cam 2

FARO Quantum 8-Axis and CAM2 2019 for maximum operational efficiency

The FARO Quantum 8-Axis measuring arm is the only eight-axis portable solution available on the market, which allows the part to be rotated in real time with respect to the arm. Ideal for more complex non-contact 3D measurement and scanning applications, it provides unprecedented speed of measurement and ease of use. Thanks to the eighth axis, integrated functionally but physically separate, it is possible to acquire the necessary characteristics with few movements of the arm, limiting to the minimum the need to reposition the device around large objects and reducing the time required for scanning by 40% compared to a standard 7-axis system. Combined with the 3D measurement platform CAM2 2019 it allows to reach the maximum level of performance in different sectors, defining a new standard for intelligent metrology through greater ease of use, better interactivity and flexibility and a targeted and usable intelligence.