Editorial number 65

Tube Today carries on its moment of great changes and innovation: after the publication of the new website, please visit us at tubetoday.com, we are adopting, step by step, a plan to renew the magazine, with the aim of meeting the need of our readers and to increase our visibility and popularity.

A sum of efforts to make Tube Today more modern and up with the times, strenghtening its image among readers and insiders.

Starting from the current issue, Tube Today will be divided into two versions: english and italian. So, goodbye to the old bilingual issue, welcome to two different issues: the english one, dedicated to worldwide operators and able to play its role among main international competitors; the italian, dedicated to italian market and, first of all, to our roots, as the magazine was born in Italy about 16 years ago and still remains grateful to its origins and to the first market he acquired, differentiating itself from other national magazines.

We had to admit, at the end, that the bilingual issue was immediately perceived by readers as the confirm that domestic was key market for our magazine. Nothing more far away from the truth, as more than 66% of our readers and our customers are based outside our native Country.

Acting this way, we hope to give a more international look to the magazine, making it easier to read, but also to browse. Not a change in the essence of TubeToday, just in the way this essence is shown to the others.

It is not the first fundamental change we apply to our magazine: after the already mentioned new website, with totally new contents and graphics, some little but sensitive devices on the graphics of the magazine, implemented in last issues, now the strong change in editorial line, than new profiles on social netowrks and a new approach to exhibitions, starting from next Euroblech in Hannover.

So, news are not over. Follow us in next months and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Editorial number 64

Are you ready for Tube2018? The most important show dedicated to tube and wire sector will take place in short in Dusseldorf: the North Rhine-Westphalia capital will welcome exhibitors and insiders with its rosy sunset over the Rhine and crowded streets full of opportunities of leisure and entertainment and, obviously, its breweries with their AltBeer and, of course, the Killepitsch. Will be the good time to celebrate the growth of industrial production, the resumption of exports in machine tools, the achievement by all economic indicators of the levels previous to the crisis.

Compared to November 2016, according to CECIMO’s survey, the industrial production increased by 3.2% in the EA, mainly due to the capital goods production that rose by 6.2%, the intermediate and durable consumer goods by 4.6%. January marked the transition from an economic recovery to a solid and lasting  expansion. According to the Winter 2018 Interim Economic Forecast of the European Commission, both the European Union and the Euro Area economies expect to watch their economies beholding a 2.4% growth rate in 2017, above the Autumn Forecast, which is the steepest rate in a decade. This expansion is likely to last for the next two years and register a 2.3% growth in 2018 and 2.0% in 2019. 

The bright expectations are fuelled by a continuously improving labour market, exceptionally high economic sentiment and favourable financial conditions for investment. In addition, OECD predicts a 3.6% growth for 2017 and 3.7% for 2018.

Will the economic expansion stand the protectionistic choices by the US President, Donald Trump? Will EU find common position on the response to the changes in economic politics by the US? How will Brexit influence the commercial balance beetween Europe and North America? 

Tube will not be the ideal moment to face these questions and to find original appoaches to their answers, but will be the right place fo find out their results. Tube Today will be present, as usual since 2004, you can find us in Hall 5 Booth H13 with some interesting news, first of all the final release of our new website. Please, come and visit us, in person during Tube2018 and virtually on our renewed website already on-line.

Read more inside this issue.

See you in Dusseldorf.

Intro special Tube 2018

About 1.216 exhibitors from 51 countries and a space of over 63.000 mq; in 2016 Tube had 1.277 exhibitors from 51 countries and 51.000 mq. With this number we can see that the metal trade fair of Dusseldorf grow up year by year and it can be also thanks a good recovery of tube sector. Tube will take place in Hall 3, 4 and 7 where you will found tube trade and tube manufacturing; in Hall 5 you will see tube forming technology.  in Halls 16 and 17 will feature tube accessories and tube forming technology in Hall 5. Machinery and equipment as well as tube processing machines will be presented in Halls 6 and 7a; profiles and plastic tubes will be shown in Halls 3 to 7.0, 7a, 16 and 17. The range of showcased products will cover machinery and equipment for tube production treatment and processing as well as raw materials, tubes and accessories, pre-owned machinery, process technology tools, auxiliary resources and measuring, control and test equipment. Furthermore, the line-up will include pipelines, OCTG technology, profiles and plastic tubes. 

We wait for you in our stand, Hall 5 Stand H13 with great news.