Sormec are expertise in Automatic machines for the industrial production

SORMEC was founded on April 1983, putting together entrepreneurial experiences, specific knowledge of high level industrial automation and mechanical and software expertise in more market sectors (Automotive , Small Appliances , Electric Motors, Plastic moulding, Bath supplies, heating radiators, forced air convector, electric heaters)

We are expertise in Automatic machines for the industrial production of parts with various technologies and processes as working on tubes or profiles cutting with various method:

– Orbital cutting machines

– Guillotine cutting machines

– Abrasive disc cutting machines

All machines can be supplied with other groups bending – cold or hot forming – punching – machining – polishing – welding

Stainless steel tube forming and welding lines, continuously operated from coil strip with automatic cutting in line.

Fully automatic CNC machine designed to utilise circular saw blades of the DMO5 type and all their derivatives

Fully automatic CNC machine designed to utilise circular saw blades of the DMO5 type and all their derivatives. This machine can cut to any pre-programmed angle of +/- 60° and has the ability to cut intersecting angles on the end of a wide selection of material types. With the choice of three loaders the machine is ideally suited to load and feed both symmetrical and asymmetrical profiles. The CNC control uses a sophisticated program that is able to process all the data and then select and optimise this to give the greatest efficiency with the minimum of waste, particular attention has been paid to reducing the scrap end of the material so that this can be as little as 20 mm. The material in-feeding is Servo controlled as is the head rotation, with this the tolerances of the cut pieces are maintained to a high accuracy making this perfect for robotic welding systems. The saw can be linked to a deburring machine or multi discharge feature (the standard version has three position discharge).

Cold Cutting Process – On-Site Machining

TTNG Orbital Cutting & Beveling machines ensure perfect cuts and bevels for maximum efficiency.  Wherever the priority is to minimize installation downtime and maximize equipment runtime, you will find PROTEM TTNG machines

They are a perfect example of PROTEM’s 50 years of knowledge & expertise in providing job-oriented machining solutions.

They are built to cut & bevel tubes up to 100 mm (3.937”) thick (larger upon request) in the field. Their low clearance design of rotating parts is highly appreciated by customers in all industries such as Nuclear, Oil & Gas etc

Options for counterboring jobs, cam-copying operations & wheel cutting are possible within the wide range of diameters covered by each model

The split frame configuration opens in two half-shells joined together with a hinge. Clamping is ensured by independent adjustable jaws for easy in place setup. The completely enclosed drive gears & tool holders provide for increased operator safety

TECNO PANAMAC, Tube cutting and processing solution

TECNO PANAMAC is a company operating in the field of design and construction of manifacture solutions for tube cutting and processing machines.

TECNO PANAMAC cutting machines are conceived to provide customers with high quality

The cutting units are employed with sizeable advantages compared to conventional systems, due to their special low noise characteristics, fast production, and flatness and perpendicularity of the cuts, with excellent finishes.

TECNO PANAMAC offers tailor made solutions from project to production, for customers’ production optimization

The O.M.P. was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Luciano Dalla Vecchia

The O.M.P. was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Luciano Dalla Vecchia, forty-two years ago, in a North-East where people were already beginning to perceive an anxious, strong and unique entrepreneurial ability.

We design, manufacture pipes and metals cutting and handling lines. Our company, whose brand is recognized worldwide, avails itself of the support of over 30 agents in as many countries.

Over the years OMP has always known how to renew itself, we have always anticipated the market, because yes, we perceive the sensations, so we innovate and adapt our product so that it can support it, enrich it, give the added value that we entrepreneurs from Vicenza are good at.

Our brand has been making itself known in the world since the 1980s. We carry Made in Italy with us, a value that is still undisputed today in terms of quality and product technology. The 2000s open the door to internationalization; it’s time to relocate so we establish the “OMP-Brasile Taglio Tecnologia” to which we transmit our expertise, supplying the semi-finished product, the assembly information.

But the know-how remains Italian: all the study, the planning, the ideas and the “intuitions” remain ours; they are part of our culture, something we are very proud of and that cannot be transmitted.

The O.M.P. today it is a dynamic company, attentive and responsive to continuous market changes, where technology is an enabler to seize opportunities, and where the added value lies in product innovation.

We are aware that the future will always give us new challenges and we are ready to seize them. We want to see the future in color, continuing to invest in Italy, in the products in which we strongly believe and in training the human resources of our territory, creating new ideas for constant improvement, with increasingly ambitious goals.

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