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Clomea, reversible bending machine-tools to t every kind of industrial need

3C CLOMEA is an Italian company that designs and manufactures bending machines and equipment for processing metal pipes and profiles. Founded in 1944, it has decades of experience in the mechanical sector. Over the years, the company has expanded its production and currently has a wide range of models of bending machines of various sizes and with different levels of technology. The machines are reversible, to allow you to choose the working position (horizontal or vertical) according to the space available.

Our machines are equipped with different models of electronic and numerical controls: the latter allow you to manage single-pass machining cycles to create multiple consecutive radii on the same bar, as well as automatic multi-pass machining cycles to create simple geometries. The import of DXF files, the possibility of connecting to the network and remote assistance are other functions present in our controls, easy to use and intended to speed up and meet the needs in the different sectors. The versatility of the machines, in fact, finds application in numerous fields and different industrial sectors such as metal carpentry, furniture and lighting, shipbuilding, railway or automotive, the production of windows, facades and verandas and roofing in general.

Using special equipment, our bending machines ensure the management of concave and convex radii in a single processing step, or the creation of spirals with variable pitches and radii, programmable and automatically controlled by the CNC.

Our technical office designs, develops and builds rollers and equipment aimed at ensuring maximum precision during all work phases and minimizing deformations on the material. The steel rollers allow you to work on rough profiles, painted or subjected to other treatments. Like the machines, all equipment and rollers undergo a rigorous testing before delivery. We offer a training service to the staff who will operate on the machine, in order to verify the functionality of the machine itself and the conformity of the equipment, as well as a consultancy and assistance service.

The particular attention paid to the requests and needs of our customers allows us to offer customized solutions, which allow us to extend the field of application of our bending machines and to fully satisfy those who turn to our company. A single machine for the most diverse needs.