Cold Cutting Process – On-Site Machining

TTNG Orbital Cutting & Beveling machines ensure perfect cuts and bevels for maximum efficiency.  Wherever the priority is to minimize installation downtime and maximize equipment runtime, you will find PROTEM TTNG machines

They are a perfect example of PROTEM’s 50 years of knowledge & expertise in providing job-oriented machining solutions.

They are built to cut & bevel tubes up to 100 mm (3.937”) thick (larger upon request) in the field. Their low clearance design of rotating parts is highly appreciated by customers in all industries such as Nuclear, Oil & Gas etc

Options for counterboring jobs, cam-copying operations & wheel cutting are possible within the wide range of diameters covered by each model

The split frame configuration opens in two half-shells joined together with a hinge. Clamping is ensured by independent adjustable jaws for easy in place setup. The completely enclosed drive gears & tool holders provide for increased operator safety