Column number 76 – 2020

The uncertainty of political stability derives from a mechanism for economic stability: what an irony

There is a Europe that tests its political stability with a discussion on the Recovery Fund and European Stability Mechanism, intended to protect economic stability,. Destiny puts a great dose of irony, as always, and politics, also in this case as always, a good dose of myopia. The future of Europe is played by Conte and Rutte: the first, holding a pair of eight, the second with a color, specifically money, those who absolutely do not want to hear about sharing with the Mediterranean countries, France included, on her knees for a health emergency faced from the chest and not with her hand over her eyes.

In the end, Conte’s victory with a pair of eight only accentuates the image of a Europe hopelessly divided into three large groups, the North, the South and the East, with Germany’s Merkel pensioner engaged in the vain, but admirable, attempt to keep up a shack that makes water from all sides: sooner or later, even the Teutonic boy will finish his fingers to insert into the holes that open in the blue-starry dam right from Holland. At that point then the flood will drown the dreams and hopes of three true statesmen, De Gasperi, Schumann, Adenauer, left in the hands of personalities of quite another caliber and thickness, not adequate to overcome partisan interests to achieve a higher purpose and wider.

Pessimistic outlook? Maybe. But a Europe incapable of jointly managing political, military and social crises, now finds itself having to admit that it is unable to jointly manage a health emergency, even failing miserably in finding a purely economic agreement to support not only the member states in difficulty, but also that glimmer of unity that has remained.

It is not a question of populism: it is a question of appearing not up to par with the Europeans. Faced with an economy based on the ability to work together, in part, and to share markets and that needs, in almost every country of the Union, the same attention: defense of production, high guard on the costs of materials first, and many other actions excellently summarized by Cecimo in its decalogue for the post Covid-19.

It is difficult, in such a context, to be able to think of optimism and a positive future, also due to the objective difficulty that the health emergency has caused to many companies in many European countries.

Among the main novelties of this issue, the postponement of Euroblech until next March. Euroblech was the fair that had most resisted the postponement, but faced with the changing scenarios of the epidemic in countries traditionally very important for the world of sheet metal and machinery, from South America to the Far East, the organizers preferred to give the appointment to 2021.

Resite instead BIMU which is betting strongly on the possibility of a return to normal in the autumn, as well as Tube, also scheduled for December.

As for our magazine, we continue our commitment to give our readers information on news from the world of machine tools, steel and pipe and pipeline applications, more significant than ever at this time when contacts are limited. Don’t stop following us.