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Kme returns to 100% in Tréfimetaux sas

From a Teleborsa article «KME SE, a subsidiary of Intek, executed the contract signed on 11 March 2019 with ECT-European Copper Tubes Limited, for the purchase of the 49% stake in Tréfimétaux SAS, following the claim of the conditions precedent set by the aforementioned contract, thus returning to hold 100% of the capital of this company. At the closing date, the price of Euro 2 million was therefore paid».

Tréfimetaux sas, is a French company that produces copper tubes and bars and controls Serravalle copper tubes srl in Italy. Tréfimetaux sas is a company that with industry and construction constitutes the two main markets for copper products, which are manufactured on the basis of a ISO 9001 certified quality system.

The drawn and the copper pipes offer qualitatively satisfactory solutions, which are adapted to the needs of the electrical industry, electronics, connectors, information technologies, the automobile sector, as well as air conditioning and refrigeration.