Wavy hair with toilet paper tubes

The hairdressers are closed and you don’t know how to make waves in your hair by yourself? Ozzie Rizzo, one of the most sought-after hairdressers in London, on socials showed a homemade trick to boast a wonderful wavy hair.

What did he use? A dozen cardboard tubes of toilet paper rolls and some clips. After shampooing, he combed dry the hair with a hair dryer, also giving a fairly superficial brush stroke and applying a few drops of oil, so as to eliminate the electrified effect. At this point, he took the tubes of the toilet paper and, starting from the ends, he wrapped the hair around them, fixing them on the head with hairpins. The curl must always be rolled backwards from the face, so as to create a natural and flowing result. The final touch is the application of hairspray, which should be left to dry for at least 10 seconds, perhaps using a hair dryer to better fix the whole thing. When the tubes are removed, the effect is a perfect torchon that, once opened with a wide-tooth comb, will turn into a wonderful wave.