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The use of software in tube processing is now essential. We often talk about IoT and Industry 4.0, with them the use of up-to-date and innovative software is among the characteristics that determine a greater competitiveness among companies. Many are built their own software to allow the machines to communicate with each other, thus improving production efficiency, or to check the progress of the production line. The primary objective is nothing more than to reduce those costs of integration and support, increase productivity, promote innovation and facilitate the introduction of the introduction of best practices to standardize work throughout the value chain. Exactly for these reasons that many choose instead of relying on internal design skills, others instead, for different reasons, decide to rely on products already finished and put on the market to improve the finished product or to provide the customer with a unique solution in different aspects: from the measurement of the pipes to direct communication a great variety of pipe bending machines. Many other companies instead rely on already finished products, offered to improve their production capacity.Use such software therefore aims to ensure a better production efficiency and a saving of costs and time. We thank the companies that wanted to give us their contribution on the innovations present in this field.