Marcegaglia, new price list for stainless steel welded tubes

Because of the increase in raw material costs, Marcegaglia, the world’s leading industrial group in the steel processing sector, with a turnover of over 5.5 billion euros, has drawn up a new price list for welded pipes stainless steel. «The revision is linked to the continuous increase in raw materials. The new price list was necessary as the continuous increase in the price of raw materials in stainless steel made the current one difficult to apply for the future months. In particular, for high frequency tubes, the bases had to be revised to make the price list operational. The increase connected to the structure of the new price list will be in the order of 7/8%, which will be followed by others for the months of June and July as a result of the continuous increase in the prices of raw materials», said Egidio Bini, Purchasing & Sales Director of Marcegaglia Specialties. The increases will also concern tubes corrosion (laser welding), satin finishing and polishing, with an increase of 15%.

Europe confirms duties for Belarus, China and Russia for five years

In 2008, duties were imposed for welded iron and steel pipes from Belarus, China and Russia following a complaint from a group of producers including ArcelorMittal, Celsa Atlantic and Arvedi Tubi Acciaio. This news was reported by Siderweb, also reporting the document published in the European Official Journal. The import duties have been extended for five years and concern «welded pipes, of iron or non-alloy steel, of circular cross-section and with an external diameter less than or equal to 168.3 mm, excluding pipes of the types used for oil or gas pipelines , for the extraction of oil or gas, precision pipes and pipes fitted with accessories for gas or liquid pipes, intended for civil aircraft». The European Commission has established that «duties ranging from 10.1% to 90.6% will continue to be applied».

Wire and Tube: terms for 2022 are set: the next editions will take place from May 9 to 13, 2022

After the cancellation of the leading international trade fairs wire and Tube 2020 due to the current COVID-19 infection situation, the next editions will take place from May 9 to 13, 2022.

“We look forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors to Düsseldorf in person again,” says Daniel Ryfisch, Project Director wire / Tube & Flow Technologies. “Corona has shown that digitalization brings many advantages. But it cannot replace personal meetings, conversations and contacts”.

Wire and Tube, which were originally planned for March 30 to April 3, 2020, were on a record course until the COVID-19 related postponement. The number of registrations from exhibitors and visitors in spring exceeded all expectations. “For us this was a further signal and renewed confirmation that we have the No. 1 trade fairs for the wire, cable and tube industry here in Düsseldorf”, explains Daniel Ryfisch. “This is where the international top decision-makers of the exhibitor and visitor sectors come together.”

As usual, wire will be located in halls 9 to 17 – and Tube in halls 1 to 7.0. Companies wishing to exhibit at wire and Tube 2022 can already register starting at the end of March 2021

Bausano renews the offer dedicated to the production of PVC pipes

Extruders and extrusion heads for PVC and polyolefins redesigned to guarantee melt homogeneity, flexibility, productivity and low energy consumption. The Piedmontese manufacturer of extrusion lines Bausano has renewed the entire range of extruders and dies dedicated to the production of soft and rigid PVC pipes, transparent, loaded or pressure, as well as polyethylene and polypropylene pipes. Bausano is a family company that has been designing and manufacturing extrusion lines for plastic processing since 1946. For over 70 years it has focused on quality and stands out for its flexibility and attention. During the design phase, it studies the best possible solutions, customizing the machines and working on an innovative technology based on the integration between mechanical and ICT technologies: intelligent control and intuitive man-machine interface, to increase productivity and improve working conditions. The goal of the new offer is to meet the demands of producers for homogeneity of the melt, process flexibility, maximization of output and reduction of energy consumption. In the case of polyolefin pipes, the benches are designed to calibrate and cool a wide range of diameters, from 5 to 1600 mm. In addition, for both applications, the two-chamber configuration is available, with temperature and water level control, capable of creating vacuum conditions based on specific work needs. For the production of PVC pipes, Bausano offers models with double exit (up to 110 mm) or single exit (from 10 to 800 mm), capable of reaching a maximum productivity of 2,000 Kg / h. (Polimerica)

Tenaris to supply line pipe for Northern Lights CO₂ Transportation and Storage Project

Equinor has awarded Tenaris the supply of tubulars for the Northern Lights CO2 transport and storage facilities in Norway. From its Dalmine mill in Italy, Tenaris will produce 105km 12” Carbon Manganese (C-Mn) seamless line pipe for the milestone project.

“For this unique project, we leveraged our extensive track record, our technical capabilities and environmental commitment to support the project with line pipe products, contributing to the development of a value chain for Carbon Capture and Storage. Participation in an industry defining project such as Northern Lights marks an important forward step for Tenaris and its positioning and product development strategy for its energy transition agenda”, said Gregoire Flipo, Tenaris Line pipe & Process Commercial Vice President.

Tenaris has announced a medium-term plan to reduce its CO2 emissions intensity per ton of steel by 30% compared to its level in 2018 by 2030.

The company will achieve this target by using a higher proportion of recycled steel scrap in the metallic mix, carrying out investments to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy for part of its energy requirements.

“We will give additional transparency and evaluation to this program, which will be followed on a quarterly basis in our Board. This will become an ever more important part of our agenda in the coming years,” said Paolo Rocca, Tenaris Chairman & CEO.

Northern Lights is responsible for developing and operating CO2 transport and storage facilities, open to third parties, as part of Longship, the Norwegian Government’s full-scale carbon capture and storage project. Equinor is responsible for delivering the facilities onshore and offshore as a technical service provider to Northern Lights JV.

Tenaris and Equinor are longstanding business partners, and within its framework agreement, the two companies will continue to collaborate on projects that promote shared values of sustainable, responsible development of energy resources.

Northern Lights enables the mitigation of industrial process emissions for which there is currently no scalable solution, accelerates the decarbonisation of European industry, and facilitates the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. It is the project that will build the world’s first underwater CO2 storage facility. By 2024, a tank will be activated at a depth of 2,600 meters in the North Sea and 100 kilometers from the Norwegian west coast where 1.5 million tons of CO2 per year can be stored. The goal is to stoke five million. Shell and Total are also partners in the project. In addition to them, the Norwegian government, which has allocated over 1.6 billion euros.